Girls! (not the TV show)

To my core, I understand the importance of encouraging young girls to be fully realized, well rounded, beautiful from the inside out human beings. After all, in what seems like one million years ago now, I used to be a young girl. 

Anything that gets in their / our way of that - like say, the immature, belittling prattling on about women that's been trickling down from the top seat in the country lately - must be shut down and its prattlers put in their place. This happens as girls grow their power and shine brighter. As they believe in themselves and radiate that belief.  I'll do whatever I can with my work to help them towards that goal.

I've started a video project about female empowerment. The hope is that when my son is older and I explain to him how, in 2016, we elected a President of The United States who undermines women  at every opportunity, he'll say to me "Wow! That's insane! Things are so much better for women now. That would never happen!"

I think it's a reasonable goal.

Contact me if your daughter, up to age 15 and located in NYC, would like to be involved in the project.