Ruby and the Blue Flower.

I think most kids - at least most kids my son is growing up with - will give zero f*cks about gender as we know it today when they're older. So many seem to revel in the joy of just being exactly who they feel they are and it's beautiful to witness. I thought I was free about identity. Then I talked with an 8-year-old!


Girls! (not the TV show)

Girls! (not the TV show)

Contact me if your daughter, up to age 15 and located in NYC, would like to be involved in a video project about female empowerment. The hope is that when my son is older and I explain to him how, in 2016, we elected a President of The United States who undermines women  at every opportunity, he'll say to me "Wow! That's insane! Things are so much better for women now. That would never happen!"

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