Praised by The New York TimesGloria Steinem, The Huffington Postand many more, the Award-Winning Momma Love: How the Mother Half Lives is a riveting look at the highs and lows of modern motherhood.

Momma Love isn't only about the love a mother shows. It’s about the love she is shown, by herself and the world around her.

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Oscar nominated actressAMY RYAN, who reveals what it’s like to mother in image and youth obsessed Hollywood • KITTY STILLUFSEN, who proudly chose to have a child with her two gay best friends rather than settling for a "baby daddy" • DIANA COLBERT, determined to parent her two-year-old well during her own battle with a terminal illness • SOPHIE CURRIER, whose Supreme Court victory over her right to breastfeed changed laws in the workplace • PATRINA FELTS, an African-American woman trying to raise 2 adoptive sons of different races equally in a world full of inequality.


Truly, of all the books on this list, this is the one I’m buying my friends. 
The New York Times' Motherlode Top Mother's Day Gift Pick 2013 & 2014
This gorgeous coffee-table-style book, with images and personal stories that reflect a broad cross-section of maternal reality, is like the best of this blog in a book, with pictures that aren’t of Playmobil figures, but of the lives of the writers and their children. The essays are as detailed as the photographs that accompany them, and both will stick with you for a long time.
-The New York Times' Motherlode 
A fresh, eye-opening, firsthand manifestation of motherhood’s contemporary realities.” 
Gloria Steinem
In the age of Instagram and "Fakebooking," not all depictions of motherhood feel completely genuine. With her project Momma Love: How the Mother Half Lives, photographer Ali Smith has provided 40 portraits that are as honest as they are beautiful. 
The Huffington Post
We've heard a lot about the work-life balancing act lately, but seeing it is a different story. Twelve years ago, photographer Ali Smith, decided to capture real moms in their daily lives. Not the power-suited mom of '80s movies or the happy homemaker of '50s advertising, but real women with real parenting challenges. One botched book deal, forty moms, and $35,000 in donations later, Smith has self-published Momma Love, a pictorial homage to the tightrope walk of motherhood. 
Yahoo's Shine
Check out the Momma Love interview on "Breaking Through with Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner" on the We Act Radio Network! 7/7/13 broadcast (starts at the 1 hour 3 minutes mark) HERE
John Carney interviews Ali Smith on his Father’s Day episode. HERE
After thousands of families lost everything to Hurricane Sandy, photographer Ali Smith went to Staten Island to help rebuild lives the best way she knows how. 
Wake Up With Al Roker
Every so often, something happens in life that is so poignant, fantastic and incredibly random that it makes you stop and think. 
Momma's Gone City
Motherhood is a beautiful thing. Give your mom friend a book of stunning photos of mothers and their children that shows parenthood in it's most candid and special moments. It will make her stop and see how wonderful the task she's tackling truly is. And she'll appreciate reading something other than Dr. Seuss.
 - Working Mother Magazine
Already a runaway hit with readers, Momma Love is receiving critical acclaim in the book publishing industry, having just been awarded the silver medal in the Women’s Issues category of the Independent Book Publishers Awards. Ali sums it all up: “Momma Love is the forming of a community. It’s a call to arms for anyone who is or who loves a mother. And it’s the celebration of the potential for the most powerful manifestation of love: Momma Love.  
Women You Should Know
This is a beautifully photographed collection filled with personal stories and stunning photographs. It was also just published thanks to Kickstarter, so this book is a true entrepreneurial success story! Share inspiring and honest tales of motherhood courtesy of photographer Ali Smith’s Momma Love 
Retail Me Not's Mother's Day Gift Guide & TV Spot 2013
A new book uses the power of pictures to show the true motherhood experience - love, drama, and all.  
My Daughter is My Son ; excerpt from Momma Love
- Mothering Magazine's Peggy O'Mara
More For Moms. - Washington Parent
What defines womanhood?  What do women expect from the world today? What does the world expect from women today? Freelance photographer Ali Smith has been on the hunt to answer these questions for most of her career. 
- New York Family
NYC photographer Ali Smith is releasing a hard-bound book — backed by iconic feminist Gloria Steinem — about the beauty, joy, trials, tribulations, pains and monotonies of modern motherhood.
 - Southern Brooklyn Post
Raw and vivid look at motherhood. With Mother’s Day approaching, we have been highlighting some of our favorite gift items, and another one that is on the top of my list is Momma Love: How the Mother Half Lives by Ali Smith. 
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"I am haunted by your images. I feel that, for the first time in the short 4.5 years my daughter and I have been a team, someone actually gets it. Thank you so incredibly much for what you are giving to the world. You’ve made a difference for two souls in Ventura, California." - Tess B
"Simply stunning." - Juliette B
"My daughter was hit hard by post-partum depression and our family has rallied to support and love her through this.  Your book will be part of the healing process so please know how much all of this matters." - Anonymous
"This book was my way to tell (my wife) that she does it right. That life can be complicated but also worthwile and that she shouldn't be too hard on herself." - Joel F
"I intended to read a couple of pages while in the tub. At 11pm I finally finished the book. Cover to Cover. Front to back. The photos are beautiful. And the stories are so…normal. Everyone’s path to motherhood is completely (ab)normal." - Jenny O
"Seriously, every mom should own this book!" - Elisa Henrickson
"What a pick-me-up!  I received my Mother's Day gift from you in the mail the other day.  What a positive message that every working mother is a working mother- I've passed it on to all the moms I know and wear the button on my backpack (I teach second grade, so I see a lot of moms!).  It was such a treat to receive something in the mail other than bills & junkmail- I greatly appreciate it." - Andrea D
"I was just looking for your email address, and here you are!  The more I delve into your book, the more I love it. I feel the power and strength of women as I read." - Anonymous
"our book is so touching and inspiring and I loved every bit of it.  I will definitely be sharing this with my mom and my sister. " - Trang N
"I LOVE your book, beautiful images!!" - Bob Carey "The Tutu Project"
"Thanks so much for creating this book." - Anonymous
"I just opened your book and it took my breathe away." - Gina Crosley- Corcoran "The Feminist Breeder"
"I just bawled my eyes out in my cubicle! Haha! Good thing I keep a spare set of makeup in the drawer." - Tess A
"Julie received Momma Love last weekend and instantly fell in love." - Wes R
"I just got my Momma Love books and they are amazing!  I have so many friends having babies, there isn't a better gift. " Laura