"I’ve always been curious. There’s never been an answer someone’s given me that doesn’t elicit a 'yes, but what about…' response. I’m endlessly intrigued by variety, chance, differences, options, random fate, social politics, fairness, the unfathomably unfair, and lifestyles different than mine and I want to vicariously experience, bear witness to and comment on all of it."

Ali Smith is an award-winning portrait photographer who focuses mainly on shooting kids and families in a vibrant style developed while working with musicians and celebrities.
The New York Times named Ali's Award-Winning book, Momma Love; How the Mother Half Lives, a Top Mother's Day Gift two years running. Gloria Steinem called it a gift to moms, and it received praise from The Huff Post, Yahoo's Shine, and many others. (
Oxygen Television ran a feature on Ali's work, New York Magazine did a profile, she was briefly "The Face of Cosmopolitan Magazine," and perhaps her proudest moment (besides her marriage and the birth of her son) was being featured on the front cover of The Onion under the headline "Hot Rock n' Roll Chick Totally Married." 
Ali has taught and lectured extensively, including at ICP (The International Center of Photography), NYU, Alfred University, and with Step Up, where she designed and taught a photography program to teenage girls in underserved communities. 
Ali's work has been exhibited and published internationally.  
Clients Include:
The New York Times • The Guardian • Johnson & Johnson • NBC • A&E • HarperCollins • Simon and Schuster • New York Family Magazine • New York Magazine • The Today Show • Random House • Scholastic • Penguin • Little, Brown • Marie Claire • Cosmopolitan • Jordache • Rimmel London • Easy Spirit • Guitar Player • Time Out NY • Fabulous Mama • Mothering • Bust • Emmy • MacMillan • Disney • Hyperion • Bloomsbury • Grazia • Alloy Entertainment • Metro Parents • MomFilter • MCA Records